Sunday, March 28, 2010

Baby Shower and...

-36weeks 5days-

I had a great day yesterday! Beth and Kelsey hosted my baby shower... thank you SOO much girls!

Many people came out to celebrate our baby Tristan's anticipated arrival.

We played a couple games. Everyone got the chance to decorate a white onesie and then I picked out the one I liked... it was hard to choose.

We also played Baby Bingo. I made bingo cards ahead of time with different baby items already in boxes (diaper bag, shoes, blankets, socks, etc) and 12 empty boxes. When guests arrived, Kelsey and Beth put a post-it note on the bottom with a number on it. After all the guests arrived, they were given a number range to pick from to put in the empty boxes. Then as I opened gifts, the number was announced off the bottom so people could mark their boxes... then after I opened it, whatever the gift was could also be marked off their boxes. It was a lot of fun :) Plus it kept everyone interested while opening the gifts.

I got a lot of really nice things :)

My center piece on my gift table was a beautiful diaper cake from Jen (and Phil). She is so crafty and creative!

Kelsey painted an amazing picture for Tristan's room...

I was doing really well, not crying... then Beth broke me. LOL I had given her a couple boxes of unfinished projects I inherited from my Grandma Hazel when she passed away two years ago.
I knew she was working on it... but she finished it and gave it to me at my baby shower – with a tag from her and Grandma Hazel...

Beth also gave me a beautiful blanket that she made for Tristan...

It was a great shower... but the real fun was coming up!
My surprise birthday party for Kaleb :)

Since our friends were going to be around for my baby shower, I figured it was the best time for a party for Kaleb. His birthday is really April 27th, but because that's around our due date and such, I wanted him to have his own day...

On my way home from the shower, I picked up his cake. I had them put Happy 29 11/12 Birthday on it. :) I thought I was being really funny/creative.

I knew that the guys were playing Killer Bunnies (a card game) while we were at the shower, then the guys were to take him out of the house for wings.

We set up for the party then let Charlie and Jeremy know that we were ready for them to return.

Kaleb had NO idea when they got back to our house!!!
It was great!

We played games and had dinner... It was an all around GREAT day :)