Sunday, October 31, 2010



Well, Tristan wasn't too sure about carrots to begin with...

But it turns out, he really likes carrots!  

Tristan really likes the cat toy.  Rajah was keeping an eye on him while he was playing with it... which is funny because Rajah doesn't even play with it!  He never has liked it; Samson is the one who plays with it and he didn't care at all that Tristan was playing with it.

"What are you looking at, Rajah?"

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Freezer Licker?


"Uh oh, Mommy caught me"

Tristan found the little stand up freezer we have in our dinning type area... and was trying to "eat" it or something... I thought it was hilarious.  Kaleb was not amused. :P

After his freezer licking was finished, he crawled over to the chair I was sitting in and climbed up my pants.
"Surprise Mommy! I found you" LOL

"Come on Mommy, give me the camera or pick me up!"

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

First Halloween


We had a little game night at our house for Halloween today.  Costumes were required :)
Kaleb came up with Tristan's costume idea.  He was adorable! :)

Can you guess what he is?

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Friday, October 29, 2010

Laser Pointer


Trying to get Tristan to sit for the camera now is almost impossible! All he wants to do is crawl away! LOL

He really wants my camera and now that he can come after me, he chases me down if I get on the floor!

Not sure who wants the laser more, Tristan , Rajah or Samson.

Tristan was sitting next to Kaleb on the couch holding his arm (you can still see Tristan's hand on Kaleb) and he just... fell asleep! hehehe  Tired little man.

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Broke My Heart


So, this morning....

Kaleb was getting ready for work and they are suppose to wear costumes... so I was helping him get ready. 
Tristan and I were in our room hanging out.  He was sitting in the middle of our bed.  Well, he needed me to tie the back of his costume for him... and BOOM! We hear Tristan crawl off the side of the bed! :(

He cried, a lot.  I set him on the bed and he just tried to grab me so he could bury his head in my shoulder again.  :(
Kaleb feels horrible!  I'm very adamant about watching him and keeping him in the middle of our bed, especially now that he can crawl.  Well, he had me distracted dealing with getting him out the door for work... so I think he feels responsible.  He even apologized for distracting me.
It's no ones fault.  Yes, it was preventable... but kids are going to fall down.  We can't protect them from everything.

Tristan is a trooper though.  I think he was more shaken up than anything...

After it happened.. I held him for a while, gave him his morning bottle... he wanted to go back to sleep but had his eyes open.
I held him again, he immediately laid his head on my shoulder and went to sleep. *awww*
I put him in his crib.  Wide awake.
So, I picked him back up and held him.. again.. immediately laid his head on my shoulder and went to sleep.  I held him for a while then laid him in his crib, this time he stayed asleep.

He took his standard 30 minute nap and is just fine now... like nothing happened. He is happily sitting on the living room floor playing with his toys and crawling around.

He is such a trooper!

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Teddy Bear


Tristan is really starting to like the Teddy Bear that Babette gave him.  And yes, he was born to be wild.

This little cell phone from Nancy is what Tristan was chasing when he started crawling!

Never too young to start on John Maxwell! Though he has heard him speak; I was 9+ months pregnant when we traveled to Spokane to see him speak. :)
He pulled the box off the shelf and hit it like a drum. lol

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Video of Crawling


I finally got a good video of Tristan crawling!  Enjoy! :)

The Blogger video upload was really upsetting me, so I have switched over to youtube... I have an account that is just sitting there, not doing anything.  So, I'm using that.  Fun times.

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On The Prowl


"I'm on the prowl, Mom"
He is so stinkin cute! :)

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Crawling to Climbing


Well, that didn't take long! An hour or so after Tristan started crawling, he crawled right over to his chair that was leaning up against a bookcase and started climbing up it, to a standing position.  He was super happy about this too.  But not so much when he fell over.  lol
But he got up and did it again!  Because that's what we are teaching him- if you get knocked down, you get back up and try again! :)

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Tristan has been trying so hard for the last month to crawl. I have posted some pictures and video of him trying.

He finally did it today!!

He has been up on his hands and knees for a month now, rockin away. He couldn't quite connect that he had to move his hands to go. He has had the leg thing down LONG before he ever got on this hands and knees. lol

I was unpacking from the weekend and he was on the floor playing. I saw that he was chasing his toy, which is not unusual. But this time he was moving his hands!!

I tried to catch it on video, but of course, as soon as he saw I had the camera he was only interested in staring at me! lol Guess I have the shutter bug trained ;)

I got a little at the beginning, then he stopped. I might try to get a better video before posting (so that it's not a long video of nothing).

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Thursday, October 21, 2010



 We leave for Portland very early tomorrow morning, a few hours actually... and Tristan has a slight fever.  I'm sure he is fine but Kaleb was trying to "break" it before we put him to bed tonight. 
He was using a cold wash cloth and he took him for a walk down the block and back.  He is such an awesome Dad!  It was cute how he was so concerned. :)

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