Wednesday, April 28, 2010


-41weeks 1day-

Here's my update:

So, an update from today's doctor's visit...

My appointment was at 4:40

He did a sonogram, checked fluid.. it was great.
Did an internal... and I'm NOT DILATED ONE BIT... he had to reach up to my nose to find my cervix at all!!! Which, not so comfortable LOL
He did say he was going to try and strip my membranes... I'm not positive if he accomplished this or not lol

Then he sent me over to L&D for monitoring.

Tristan was VERY active when we got there... but then he went to sleep. :(
After 2 hours of monitoring, they talked to my doctor and he wanted an ultrasound done because of some low dips in Tristan's blood pressure.
So, the results of the ultrasound showed that he is doing great! Fluid is great.. he is VERY active... only points he didn't get, was from not doing any practice breathing during that time.

We left the hospital at 8:50... that's 4 hours spent at the doc/hospital!!!

My doc wants me to go back to L&D Friday at 11am for more monitoring and another ultrasound.

He has also scheduled me for an induction :( Monday morning at 7am.... But I am REALLY hoping that Tristan decides to come on his own before then... because I really don't want to be induced!

So, he is healthy and active... I'm healthy and doing great... my doc isn't worried about me at this point because I've taken great care of myself... So, we will see...

Guess I will be exercising non-stop the next couple days.... I don't feel like it.. but I REALLY don't want to be induced! lol

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Up To A Week...


Well, today is April 27th... I was due April 20th... That's a week!

I haven't had any obvious symptoms... haven't lost my mucus plug.. haven't had bloody show... baby hasn't dropped... no pelvic pressure....

I did start FINALLY having some crampy/achy feelings last night. But nothing that was a real contraction...

I have a doctors appointment this afternoon... Last week he told me a possible plan of events for today:

sonogram and internal at my doctors office... then based on those results...
he might send me over to L&D for an ultrasound and to be monitored (NST)....
then based on those results...
he might admit me to the hospital or send me home to labor. He did mention being induced... but I shared that I would rather wait (if my LO isn't in harms way) and see if I can induce labor naturally. He is an awesome doctor and supports this 100%. He said that we can wait until the end of the week or so
before REALLY talking about being induced...
So, I'm really hoping that something is going on in there and that I get some good news today.

I've been walking... and I got my exercise ball out and was sitting/rocking on it last night... and Kaleb and I had an amazing night of intimacy which we haven't had in a couple weeks! So, I'm hoping that all this is helping!

I will post more info after my doctors appointment... *fingers crossed*

Thursday, April 22, 2010

2 Days Late...

-40weeks 2days-

So, first thing out of his mouth, "any contractions?" And of course I laughed and said, "uh, no"

So, because of that he decided to not do an internal... because it wouldn't make a difference since I haven't had any contractions!

He said he wants to see me on Tuesday (41 weeks). The plan is that we will do an internal and an ultrasound there in the office, then depending on the results of that, he might ship me over to Labor & Delivery (L&D) for monitoring (NST). Then he said, depending on what's going on .... I might be admitted on Tuesday - but told him I'd rather labor at home - So that I can go workout and we can at least try sex or something!

He talked induction... but I don't want an induction, and I told him that. So, we are going to try natural induction... and if nothing by Friday, he's going to induce me (possibly on Friday if L&D says that's okay)...

So, MY PLAN is after we get home from our business conference.... Sunday night we have sex. Then Monday, I'm going to do some cardio at my gym. Then rest... then do some more cardio.... then go have lunch with Kaleb... then go do more cardio... then rest... then do more cardio lol probably just walking. Or I might get on the cross trainer.

So, no baby... no progress... no news LOL

Just thought I would update!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Road Trip

-39weeks 3days-

I laugh, just because I'm crazy... and will traveling next weekend, at 40w3d lol
We were told in our hospital classes that an hour drive away is usually as far as women would want to go.

Of course, labor can be a slow process... and most women labor at home for awhile before they go into the hospital or they sit in the hospital for hours with no progress!

See, I am comfortable driving 5 hours away... but I don't think many women would be okay with that. Yes, I might be a little nervous, but I'm in NO WAY worried. :)

And I will be having an internal the day before we are to leave, just to see what my body might be doing. But so far, I've had a whole lot of nothing going on! (and I'm "due" in 4 days)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Single Digits

-38weeks 5days-

So, I've been counting down since I found out I was pregnant, literally.... And
today, I have reached single digits!
I am feeling so much more anxious now that I do not have time to get things done! I've
been working on getting things done little by little lately and am feeling totally rushed now!

We have 9 days till our Expected Due Date (EDD), but are speaking 16 days!! We want our little one to be late! lol I'm happy to carry him 7 extra days.... (16 days will be my husband's 30th birthday)

But I know, that Tristan can come ANYTIME... and frankly, I'm so not ready for him!

I don't have my bags packed yet.... I don't have his clothes washed... I don't have his take home outfit picked out... His room is a mess with gift bags and things that need to be washed (which I'm planning on doing in the next 2 days)....


AND I'm psyching myself out about labor.... my plan is to go natural. I really do not want an epidural...
but reading everyone's birth stories on my April What To Expect board, almost have me scared about labor.... :/

I've been so confident until now about my ability to get threw contractions and labor... my mom did TWICE and she is a huge wuss!

Probably just cold feet.... unknown territory.... anxiety....

Thursday, April 8, 2010


-38weeks 2days-

I have been pacing myself.  I made a list of all the stuff that needs to be done before Tristan arrives... and I have been working on it.  I've also been playing on facebook... meeting Kaleb for lunch everyday... on at least one of the days this week I actually got a nap in! lol that's huge for me!

I DEEP cleaned my bathroom yesterday... scrubbed it from head to toe.. it's so pretty lol

Kaleb tells me, pretty much everyday now, "don't over due it" lol I also told him I was feeling guilty about not making it in to the gym at all this week... he told me, "good. I don't want you going... no need to push yourself too much. Let him come on his own..."
(We want him to be a week late LOL and I have 12 days till my due date)

But I feel like a HUGE SLACKER!
I am not to over due it... I can't do a task without multiple breaks (if I get it done at all)... yet I look around and there is so much I could be doing, and no motivation to do it!

So, yeah....