Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Copy Work

Since we've gone through all the letters and numbers, I've decided to use that awesome Bible I got to do some copy work!

Not only is he getting some reading in, he's also getting Bible knowledge and practicing writing.  I think that's a win all around!!
I had him start while I jumped in the shower.  He didn't get a lot finished, but did pretty good.

He finished the rest after his shower...

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Soccer In The Wind

At least the rain held off!  It sprinkled a little bit, but the wind was blowing.  Thankfully it wasn't a lot because I didn't dress for really cold weather!  I made sure Tristan was geared up, though.  I didn't want him to get cold... and the ground was wet from the rain overnight.  AND he was wearing his "new" soccer shoes I picked up for him!  :)  I also grabbed two other sizes, just to be prepared.  They aren't real easy to come by... 


The soccer balls finally came in!  Tristan was so excited to get his... and at the end of camp today, they got their jerseys too!  He is suppose to wear it next week... and bring the ball back with his name on it.
Some shots from soccer...

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Saturday, September 27, 2014

New Desk!

I've been looking for a school desk for Tristan... one that wasn't too expensive and would last a while.  While we were at the Pumpkin Pitch today, my father-in-law was at a car show/garage sale at the fairgrounds.  He called me because he found a desk!  It's a little smaller than I was looking for, but it will work for now!! :)  AND it's not too terribly huge... since I'm using my living room as our school room right now, until we move (just not sure when that's going to be).  He also found us a globe :) 

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Pumpkin Pitch

After our rough morning, we headed to see Daddy... then off to the Pumpkin Pitch.
We were late, due to Tristan's disciplinary consequences... so we only got to see two pumpkins go flying.  Then all the kids lined up for the candy pumpkin.  That was total chaos.  He managed to get 4 pieces of candy...

There was a bouncy house there, donated by Kaleb's work... and Lang's Pony Farm.  We stood in a VERY long line, so that Tristan could have 2 1/2 minutes in the bouncy house...
Then another long line, so he could have a 2 minute horse ride!  But we did... because I love him...

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Building Trust

Tristan has lied to me two days in a row now.  Lying is a BIG deal in our house.  Crappy thing for me, is that he wouldn't have even been in trouble if he told the truth! 
Yesterday, he lied about putting his toys away.  He gets to play with whatever toys he wants to in his room during quiet time, BUT he knows that he will need to pick them all up after quiet time.  If he chooses to continue playing after quiet time is over, he may do so, but will need to pick up all the toys before dinner. 
Usually, he's really good about this.  But that was not the case yesterday.  He told me he had put away all his toys.  And when I looked on the camera, it looked fine.  Little did I know, he had hid toys and shoved them under things and not actually put them away.  We had a conversation, not only about having to do work twice but about lying to Mommy... and a spanking...
Today, I asked him if he was finished with his lunch because he was in the living room playing around.  He told me he was, so I let him be.  When I told him it was time to head to his room for quiet time, he piped up with, "but Mommy, I'm not done eating lunch."  That was followed by a conversation about lying to Mommy... and a spanking.
Had he just said he wasn't finished picking up yet... or that he wasn't finished eating... he wouldn't have gotten into trouble...

As a consequence, he had to write down a couple things about lying... to talk to Daddy about after he got home.  From our conversation, he wrote down the following:

Daddy confirmed that was enough on the subject and to leave it until he got home, so they could talk about it.  We then headed to the Pumpkin Pitch...

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Friday, September 26, 2014

First Day of Friday School!!

Since we made the decision to homeschool Tristan, Friday School is the closest thing to "going to school" he's going to have... at least for a while (we have talked about him going to an actual school for high school).  Anyway... Friday School started today!!

We ran a little late, of course, but we didn't miss any class time.
Since it's a co-op... it's parent ran.  So, everyone has to work somewhere.  I got placed in the Coffee Corner.  It's a really sweet gig!  I get to talk to moms and deliver coffee to them in Coffee Corner, and to teachers who have pre-ordered for different teaching blocks.
And a friend of mine works Coffee Corner too!  She actually runs the espresso machine.  I don't know how... mostly because I don't like coffee... but I might eventually learn.

I got a good report from Tristan's teacher. He did really well... and they made these cute lions! :)
Apparently, Tristan wanted to get it just perfect - according to his teacher.  Tristan was pretty bummed when we got home, though.  He said that there is a triangle missing from the end of the lion's tail :(  Sorry, bud.

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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tristan's Snacks

I refilled Tristan's snacks today.  His drawer has been empty for about a week.  It has goldfish crackers, oyster crackers, mini club crackers, animal crackers, cracker sandwiches, granola bars, cranberries, raisins, and apple chips.
Wonder how many he will eat before I get up tomorrow?? lol

I also put more snacks in his fridge.  He has grapes, strawberries, mangoes and string cheese. 
If he eats all those grapes tomorrow... I'm going to be upset....

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Numbers and Math

Today, we finished the rest of the numbers.


He wanted to write a sentence at the bottom, since he still had a line left.  He came up with it all on his own.  He asked me how to spell "loves" and "to" and wanted verification if it was correct.  I told him to just write it how he wanted and I'd look after.

I told him he did a really good job and got really close.  Then I wrote it correctly on my board.  I told him to erase the board and put everything away, we were going to move on to math... Then he said, "na uh, it's wrong, I need to fix it first."  :)  I'm so proud of him!

Next we went on to math.  He did his addition problems, pretty much on his own.  Even on the "carry the one" problems! :)



Then we moved on to subtraction.  I'm still walking him through the problems.  But he is doing fantastic!!  When we got to the "borrowing" problems, I walked him through them... for example, "what's 3 minus 7?"  "Mommy, I can't do that.  There's not enough." "Then what do you need to do." "Go next door and borrow one."  :)  He's well on his way!!

Here is a scan of his work. 

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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Very Rare Moment

I can't remember the last time this happened.  Tristan had gotten in trouble (spanking for lying to me) and wanted a hug/cuddle.  I sat on the couch, he climbed up on my lap, snuggled... and fell asleep!!  Not a huge deal, but I had to pee!! O.o 

He finally woke up and moved... which I capitalized on, and had him move over to the other couch and lay down.  My bladder was grateful!!

Before I put him to bed tonight, he coughed a couple times and stated that it hurt.  I asked him to swallow, and if that hurt... and he said a little.  He might be fighting off a little bug.  Just in time for school... since it starts on Friday...

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