Friday, May 14, 2010

Tummy Time


“Tummy Time” with Daddy.

Kaleb was concerned about his umbilical cord so he hasn't really done “Tummy Time” until now – He has placed him on his tummy once or twice but nothing really happened. His cord still hasn't fallen off yet, but he figured if it hurt, Tristan would tell us.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Left The House


Started the day off napping with Daddy after Mommy fed him...

Then had to get ready for his first trip out of the house – to the doctor.
Special thanks to Robin for the really cute outfit :)

He's already smiling (in his sleep)...

On a side note... I'm taking things slow. It's really hard not being able to do much. I don't feel like I can take care of him the way I want to... I can't even take care of me :(
Kaleb has to help me do most things... I can't even shower myself because I can't bend down- it hurts too bad. Being this dependent upon another person is really hard for me.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home Coming


We were discharged from the hospital today around lunch time.
Tristan is at home, sleepin on Mommy. :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It Finally Happened!

-41weeks 5days-

My Birth Story:

Went in for an NST (non-stress test/monitoring) and ultrasound on April 27th.... everything looked good, but being a week late my doctor wanted me to come in for another on Friday the 30th.
Well, the results of that ultrasound were not as favorable... fluid was a lot lower than on Tuesday.
So, my doctor made the call and admitted me...

I was not dilated in the least!! I was still high, thick and long.
They inserted a citotec pill to help get my cervix softening and moving in the right direction... after 9 hours of that, they gave me servadil... that lasts 12 hours, thinking that I would be able to sleep because they wouldn't have to wake me up for the pill....

That did not happen at all!!! I had pretty intense contractions all night, 5 minutes apart. So, I did not sleep.... But I believe at this point I was dilated 2cm

They continued into Saturday. Walked around a bit, ate some food... But I could not get a nap in... I was able to get into the tub for a while before lunch. The water helped ease the pain of the contractions enough for me to get a little nap.
Unfortunately, it also slowed my contractions back down. After lunch, we walked around and tried to get contractions going again.

At 6:30pm, my doctor came by, ruptured my water and started me on pitocin. The contractions picked back up around 9pm and were 5 minutes apart. They checked my dilation and I was 5cm....
I had some family visit me... and were there for the contractions, which was great.. lol
Around 1am (now Sunday), my nurse (who was also with me Friday night and was completely awesome!) kicked everyone out so that I could "get some sleep"...
But for the second night in a row, sleep did not occur! My contractions picked up about half an hour after everyone left... and were 2 minutes apart!!! They continued to be 2 minutes apart all night. Nurse Sarah stayed with me for most of the night (I told you she was awesome!)...
Around 5am, Nurse Sarah checked me again and I was STILL at 5cm!!! :(

Hearing that news I lost it!! I started balling and Nurse Sarah woke Kaleb up.
He was really great and supportive. I was in so much pain and was exhausted from not sleeping for 2 days!
We, at that point, were talking about an epidural - just so I could get some sleep! Nurse Sarah was going to get the paperwork ready, just in case I decided to have one - but while she was out there, my Doctor called. She told him what was going on, he told her the options, which she in turn talked to me about before he got there.
My options were an epidural.. get some sleep... and hope to advance dilation on more pitocin or a c-section....
I was not fond of either idea... but I couldn't take much more.

My doctor showed up at 5:45/6:00, checked me again.. confirmed I was only at 5cm and started talking to me about the options. But because of my exhaustion and the lack of fluid, Kaleb and I knew c-section was the right decision.

Nurse Sarah and my doctor (and many more nurses after the fact) both told me that I did everything I possibly could. Being on pitocin for 12 hours should have given me much better results, especially with the severity of the contractions I was having, or should have given me a baby! My body was just not
Sarah also said that she had never seen someone go thru what I went thru... still stay positive (as I could) and NOT have an epidural! She said that I was coping well... and if I had dilated, I probably would have had the natural birth I wanted because I was handling the pain EXTREMELY well. Which was pretty awesome to hear... because I was working really hard lol

I had an internal monitor on, and was told I was having some pretty INTENSE (off the paper) contractions....
They turned the pitocin off, yet I still had contractions for a little while after... but they weren't nearly as bad, thank goodness!

Things went crazy after that. I called my Mom at 6:20am and let her know that I was going in for surgery....
At 6:54 I was in the operating room...

My son was born at 7:32am Sunday May, 2nd! Kaleb stood and watched the whole procedure. Tristan came out biting the doctor! LOL which my doctor thought was pretty funny... He weighed 7lbs 15oz and was 20 inches long...

By 9am I was back in my room, now on bed rest, waiting for my baby's arrival to my room! 2 hours and 10 minutes after he was born, I got to hold him for the first time! He is so adorable!

It was NOTHING like I planned.... but my baby is healthy and that's what matters to me!

Kaleb and I are completely in love with our little man!