Saturday, April 30, 2011

Big Banana Bites


Tristan likes to crawl on top of me and try to get my computer and camera and my water... basically anything he's not suppose to have off of the side table.  The pic on the right is him getting into position to make a dash for all the stuff.  He has to go over my shoulder to get to them... fun.

Cutest little Frankenbaby!!! :)

Look at the size of those banana pieces!!  :)  And he likes to eat the whole thing at once!  Sometimes he will bite it in half but rarely...

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Friday, April 29, 2011

ER Visit!


The offenders: The busy zoo and his rubber blue ball.
Kaleb had just come home for his lunch break.  He was playing with Tristan a little bit before he went down for his nap...

Tristan was retrieving his ball that he and Daddy were playing with, tripped and hit his head on his busy zoo box.  He stayed on his hands and knees, crying very hard.  I rubbed his back and tried to calm him down.  Kaleb asked, "Where did he hit?"  "I don't know, I haven't looked yet."
With that, I picked Tristan up to comfort him.  As soon as I turned him to face me, I saw the gash above his right eye and the blood that he was now rubbing onto his hand.
I immediately told Kaleb, "we need to go to the hospital."  He said, "okay, what do I need to do?" We wiped up some of the blood, grabbed his bag and left.

(This is a little bit of a freaky pic... Kaleb took it.. and he thought it was kinda funny... okay, maybe creepy.. lol)

We got to the hospital at noon, about 15 minutes after it happened.  Of course, his nap time is noon.  So, the poor baby was so tired.  He didn't cry at all after we left the house.  The nurses at the hospital were very impressed at how he was handling everything (as well as how MOM was handling).  The nurse told us that glue/steri stips were not an option; it had to be repaired, to which we replyed, "we know.  That's why we came in." 
His calm mood changed when the triage nurse came in to put the numbing agent on to prepare for stitches.  It was a little wet cotton ball type thing that had to stay on for 20 minutes- so they had to tape it down.  Kaleb and I had to hold him down.  Once that was on, we were able to calm him down again and get him to sleep a little bit. 

He was sleeping when the nurses came in to stitch him up.  They wrapped him in a blanket, like a swaddle.  Kaleb was up by his head and I was at his feet (I don't do well with needles and stuff, so I was okay with that).  One nurse held his head, while the other stitched him up.  Tristan did really well considering!!  He's such an awesome little man!!

A miss step, FIVE stitches and a little over an hour at the ER-- we now have a Frankenbaby.  But like a friend of mine said, he's the cutest Frankenstien ever!! :)

And after his nap, it was like it never happened.  He is so amazing! <3

He loves to dump out his toy basket.  But sometimes he puts his toys back... :) 

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Shirtless Eating



I think it is hilarious that Tristan puts his toes up on the little ledge when he eats... cracks me up every time :)

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tristan Climbs Couch


Tristan can climb up on the couch by himself!  He finally figured out to hold the cushion instead of the pillows!  :)  I tried to get a video but as soon as he saw my camera, he stopped.

Seems like the only pics I get with Tristan are ones I have to take myself... so they are always squishy... :(  And he's always reaching for my camera....

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Monday, April 25, 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

First Easter!


My In-law's got Tristan his own tree.  Kaleb wants to take a picture of Tristan with it each year around his birthday.  

Easier to see the little tree in the next pics... 



Easter basket from Grandpa Neal and Grandma Bess.

Tristan had a good time making a mess :)  Though most of the grass stayed in the basket...

Easter basket from Mom and Dad!  :)  It was full of an assortment of balls.  A rubber ball, two splash balls and another foam ball.

His Easter outfit :)

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