Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Big Ball

-1 year 11 months 2 days old-

Handsome little man :)

Tristan like to play with the big exercise ball.  He brings it to me, runs to the kitchen and wants me to throw it after him. lol

He thought it was really fun to lay and sit on the ball.  I had to hold the ball with my feet so it wouldn't roll away.

Look at that hair.... 


Message to Daddy :)

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Monday, April 2, 2012

23 Months Old!!!

-1 year 11 months old-

I can't believe my little man is 23 months old!!!!  Getting closer and closer to being a two year old!

These are all the stuffed animals that used to be in his crib.  I put them in the drawer instead.  He can still get to them if he needs/wants them, since he can open the drawer while in his crib.

When I rearranged his room, I put his little animal light up thing down.  He's never used it before.  It didn't take him long to climb up on his "big truck" and turn it on himself.

He's so proud of himself. lol

Found a lady bug in the house today... Tristan loved getting to hold it. :)  Then we put it outside.

Tristan just had to rearrange my living room... awesome isn't it?

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mommy's Zebra

-1 year 10 months 3 weeks 6 days old-

Tristan decided that it is okay for him to stand on the coffee table. Hands in pocket... watchin' TV... like he's suppose to be there. Sheesh.

I was doing some cleaning in our bedroom, so Tristan was playing on our bed.  He likes to lay down and pretend to go "night night".  He also HAD to have my zebra! 
It was my Mom's... I took it when I was little. LOL  so, now it's mine.  I foresee Tristan doing the same to me in the future...
He also got Kaleb's mouse.  He likes it.

Hiding from the camera...

Love that face! :)

Climbing up on our really tall bed, all by himself.  He's been able to do this for quite a while now...

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

His Pilot Hat

-1 year 10 months 3 weeks 5 days old-

 I have been working on moving things around in Tristan's room.  He was "helping"... but not so much.
He grabbed his "pilot" hat and wanted to wear it.  And then didn't want to take it off.  Go figure.

Moved some things around.  The black cubby stand was over by his bed, and he was grabbing it while in bed.  Wouldn't have been a big deal, but he was pulling it towards his crib and then slamming it against the wall, almost making it fall forward!  ugh.

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