Saturday, April 23, 2011

At The Park


We are planning on having Tristan's birthday party outside at a park.  There are several in the area but we want one where he can actually play safely.
We took Tristan to Hillcrest park.  He loved it!  He learned that he can go up the stairs himself and go DOWN the slide himself!

There were several parties going on around the park.  A hispanic family had a big bowl of watermelon on the ground and they were sitting in the playground eating it.  Tristan started heading for the bowl!  We stopped him, but the Dad said he could have a piece if it was okay with us. 
I held the watermelon and Tristan leaned in and took a bite!  :)  Daddy took over so I could get a picture :)  When he was done, he was upset, cried and headed back to the bowl lol  The Dad said he could have more but because it was close to dinner time, we decided that wasn't a good idea.


He's such a good helper!!  Carrying Mommy's camera bag back to the car.  Time to go home!

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