Wednesday, September 23, 2009

We Have A Little Peanut

-10weeks 1day-

Had our first appointment at the doctor's office today.
They tested to verify that I am pregnant. Big surprise, it was positive. :P
So, from there the OB nurse asked a lot of questions and talked over a bunch of information. At the end of the interrogation, I asked if we could have an ultrasound done. The nurse said that she would try. She couldn't get anything so she grabbed one of the doctor's. The doctor couldn't get anything either :(
She said that she could do an internal ultrasound if I wanted or wait a week until I see my doctor. But I really wanted to see the baby! We tried the internal and she was able to find my peanut! :) It was amazing! I'm so excited!

After all the excitement of Kaleb and I seeing our peanut, I was sent down to have some blood taken. I do not handle needles well. Kaleb stuck around to help me through. They took 7 viles of blood! :( On the plus side, they found my vain on the first try! Which has never happened before... my veins are VERY hard to find and I usually end up a pin cushion.

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