Thursday, September 3, 2009

Two Pink Lines

-7weeks 2days-

I found out today that I am pregnant!!!

I have been showing signs for a few weeks now, but didn't think anything of them.
The week of August 17th-23rd I was VERY tired. Kaleb and I were working on my website and I couldn't keep my eyes open! Usually, I'm awake until midnight or later; but I was falling asleep eating dinner! Looking back now, I should have known! Stupid, blind Sarah!

It finally came down to the fact that I wanted to enter the weightloss competition at the gym... but because I have been feeling weird for a while, I thought I should take a test just to make sure. I had an "old" test but decided to pick up a new one to take along with it.
So, this morning I got up and took the tests. I got them all situated, put toothpaste on my toothbrush, turned around and the tests already had the results! I saw two pinks lines first then a "pregnant" on the other stick. My first response was, "nah-ah!" - I was in complete shock!!
My second thought was, "oh no, Kaleb is going to be mad..."

I woke up Kaleb and told him that I took two tests and they were positive! Not one test, but TWO tests... He was half asleep and pretty shocked. But was really great about it all. I think I was freaking out more than he was (or at least how much he was letting on).

It was really hard going to work and not talking to Mom about it. I know she already suspects it because she asked me a week or so ago if I was; but as far as I knew, I wasn't.

Anyway, after work I went and took another test, and sure enough! it was positive too! I then went to the gym and told them I wasn't going to be participating in the weightloss competition afterall.

Even though it's new, scary and a little uncomfortable lol ... It's also wonderful!!! I'm really excited that this if finally happening!

It's going to be a wonderfully amazing journey!


  1. Awww! What a great day that is! Thanks for linking up with Lazy Wed Walk!

    The Lazy Mom

  2. I liked reading your pregnancy post from 2009. And then I enjoyed the baby pictures along the side of your blog page. What a cute little baby!

  3. how fun that was!! isn't it funny how we can explain away the obvious symptoms?? lol thanks for linking up!