Tuesday, January 5, 2010

He Got To Feel Him!!


Am 25 weeks now... had an OB appointment today.

My Dr was really cool and let me bring my Mom for a special ultrasound. So, she joined Kaleb and I... and Tristan was moving around so much! It was hard to get any kind of pictures. But MY Dr confirmed that we are having a boy and that everything is looking great!

The part that I'm really excited about... Tristan was moving around and I could feel him A LOT when I was waiting for the ultrasound... I definitely felt him kick! AND Kaleb got to feel him for the first time!!! I was so excited!

YAY for more movement! :)

Also found out that I've gained 20 pounds! :( Was not excited about that... and trying not to get depressed over it... I know that I will work hard and get it off after the baby is born... but dang it! It sucks!

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