Monday, October 25, 2010



Tristan has been trying so hard for the last month to crawl. I have posted some pictures and video of him trying.

He finally did it today!!

He has been up on his hands and knees for a month now, rockin away. He couldn't quite connect that he had to move his hands to go. He has had the leg thing down LONG before he ever got on this hands and knees. lol

I was unpacking from the weekend and he was on the floor playing. I saw that he was chasing his toy, which is not unusual. But this time he was moving his hands!!

I tried to catch it on video, but of course, as soon as he saw I had the camera he was only interested in staring at me! lol Guess I have the shutter bug trained ;)

I got a little at the beginning, then he stopped. I might try to get a better video before posting (so that it's not a long video of nothing).

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