Friday, October 29, 2010

Broke My Heart


So, this morning....

Kaleb was getting ready for work and they are suppose to wear costumes... so I was helping him get ready. 
Tristan and I were in our room hanging out.  He was sitting in the middle of our bed.  Well, he needed me to tie the back of his costume for him... and BOOM! We hear Tristan crawl off the side of the bed! :(

He cried, a lot.  I set him on the bed and he just tried to grab me so he could bury his head in my shoulder again.  :(
Kaleb feels horrible!  I'm very adamant about watching him and keeping him in the middle of our bed, especially now that he can crawl.  Well, he had me distracted dealing with getting him out the door for work... so I think he feels responsible.  He even apologized for distracting me.
It's no ones fault.  Yes, it was preventable... but kids are going to fall down.  We can't protect them from everything.

Tristan is a trooper though.  I think he was more shaken up than anything...

After it happened.. I held him for a while, gave him his morning bottle... he wanted to go back to sleep but had his eyes open.
I held him again, he immediately laid his head on my shoulder and went to sleep. *awww*
I put him in his crib.  Wide awake.
So, I picked him back up and held him.. again.. immediately laid his head on my shoulder and went to sleep.  I held him for a while then laid him in his crib, this time he stayed asleep.

He took his standard 30 minute nap and is just fine now... like nothing happened. He is happily sitting on the living room floor playing with his toys and crawling around.

He is such a trooper!

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