Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

We headed over to my Mom's this afternoon for Christmas.  Tristan was totally pooped before we even got to presents! 
If you notice his eye- He was petting Samson on the back of the couch right before we left.  Samson jumped down- well, Tristan didn't let go and Samson took him with him.  Tristan got pulled off the couch.  Which he would have been okay with... only problem- he landed on his toy.... which caused his eye.  Such a boy! :)

Such a strong boy!  Picked up the v-tech ball and tried to put it in his mouth.  ha ha
He also got some new plates from Mommy and Daddy.  He got some penguin jammies from Uncle Justin and Aunt Megan.  He got a v-tech key, which he really likes from Nana and Poppop- and a stride/ride toy!  He's going to push that all over the house I'm sure!  He loves to walk :)

He kept trying to pull his hat off! So we gave him the candy cane to keep his hands busy! HA HA baby boy!  

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