Sunday, December 12, 2010



I didn't grab my camera fast enough.  He had been sleepin on Daddy for a while and woke up.  I peeked around to see him and he laid there smiling at me :)  I grabbed my camera and went back but missed the smile. :(  He's still super cute though! 

Changed positions, but still loungin on Daddy :)

Not sure what was so amusing about his pants, but Tristan was so excited about them! lol

Jennifer finally got to meet Tristan! Phil was out of town, so he has yet to meet him. They left for Mississippi right after Tristan was born. But decided to move back for a few months! Yay! They are really fun people :)

Tristan showed Jen that he likes to go backwards. She was not very comfortable with the idea, but caught on ;)

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