Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chicks -heart- Super Heroes


"Driving" his cars around :) He's such a little boy :)

"Oh, no!  Mommy got me!" hehehe I love ticklin him :)  His laugh is so cute :)

Tipping the busy zoo over.

Moved on to his Android.  Carrying it around (strong boy!) and putting it in his toy basket.

You can kind of see it- he's making a spit bubble. lol

Such a funny face.  He likes to lay his head back on pillows...

Drinkin his bottle like a big boy!

His drawer in the kitchen :)  with his own pots and spoons.

Very upset little boy. :(

He's still sad but it looks like he's playing air guitar! :)

Now, he's chewing on his busy zoo lol

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