Sunday, February 13, 2011

Walking With Daddy


Tristan barely crawls these days... He loves to walk.  And he loves to walk with us!  If I'm walking across the house, he will chase me whining because he wants to hold my hand and come too!  :)  It is so cute!
Kaleb and Tristan have this thing where Tristan will hold onto the back of Kaleb's pants and walk with him... putting his head between his legs so he can see too! LOL It's super funny to watch :)

 Sleep Update: Night 6-
Last night Tristan went down for the night without a peep!!  He went in his crib awake... he didn't cry.. he just went to bed after a minute or two or awake time.... YAY!!!  It was even better because we had company!  lol And his nap he cried a little for a minute or two.

Sleep Update: Night 7-
Tonight was a completely different story!! :(
Tristan only had a 2 hour nap today (usually has 3).  So, Kaleb thought we should put him to bed early.  Tristan was showing signs of being tired... but I didn't think he should go down so early.  Well, Tristan didn't think so either!  :(  He cried for 45 minutes!  I went in there after 10 minutes, just to assure him it was bed time and sang Twinkle Twinkle.  Then went in after another 10 minutes of crying.  Gave him some medicine for his teething, in case that was it...  He calmed down a little.  But AS SOON AS we went past his door frame, burst into tears!  I put him in there because Kaleb said we had to.  And after 45 minutes total he finally passed out.  Poor little guy! :(  We aren't going to be putting him to bed early again.  His internal clock told him, it's not bedtime yet.
On a positive note, he went straight down for his nap with NO CRYING.  Guess he was saving it up for tonight. :(

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