Sunday, May 1, 2011

Great Finds


I found this really cute Fisherprice desk/toy box with the red chair, off of craigslist today!  :)  I was really excited.  It's a little big for him right now but he will definitely get a few years use out of it.


I also got this chest off craigslist today.  I had to replace the little travel crib we had there.  The crib was not ours and I needed to find a solution before I NEEDED to return it.
The chest holds his diaper bag, reusable grocery bags and gives guests a place to put their purses and such so Tristan can't get into it.




That's right!  He's carrying that big ball around... 

Naked Baby Butt!!!!  ha ha  It's bath time! :)


Towel baby!  All clean!


All ready figured out he can open it... Maybe I should turn it around it face the wall after all...

When our little man wakes up... he will be a one year old. 

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