Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Storvick Park

-1 year 1 day old-

Took Tristan to Storvick Park in Anacortes today.  Wow!  That place is amazing!!!!  There is a whole area just for little ones! :)

After Tristan went down the slide, he went right over to the house and was waving and saying hi to the Gingerbread Man :)  It was SOOOO cute!

Tristan in the big boy swing!  He did great!  Sat there and swung away :)

Here's a great look at the park!

The "Tot" area :)

Walking around the park... this place is huge for a park!

That's a Mom pushing her kids on the tire swing...

There's Kaleb and Tristan on the swings in the Tot area...

The old play ground... probably doesn't get much use anymore...

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