Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Big Day


During Kaleb's lunch, he supervised Tristan standing by himself while I took a picture. He had done this with me the day before but I can't watch him and be behind the camera (and my remote hasn't been working since I got it back from being repaired :S ). He can stand for about a minute then gets wobbly.

He's been extra tired today...
After his afternoon bottle, he passed out.

Then was then able to carry him to his car seat -
he NEVER woke up... and headed off to the bank...

Megan threw Justin a surprise birthday party at her parents' house. It was a lot of fun and he was very surprised. :)

I took some great pics of them too. I'm pro like that ;)

They are gagtastically cute. Megan is due in 5 days but I'm thinking Cailey is going to be born on the 20th.

Beth took a couple pics for me.

Couple pics of Tristan's really cute monkey outfit he wore to Uncle Justin's birthday party! I thought it was fitting :P lol

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  1. Hey its Tracy from WTE board, your newest follower. I can't believe he is standing like that. Audrey will occasionally push up while we hold her, but not often. Thats wonderful!! They are growing so fast. :(

    Following blog hops are a great way to build followers. I didn't have but a very few followers yesterday and I just joined in with some hops and I'm building them up now.