Sunday, August 15, 2010

Lake Goodwin


Tristan got to meet a lot of really great people yesterday!

The lake was awesome! For me it was way too hot! :/ And I tried to stay in the shade as much as possible; as well as keeping Tristan in the shade.
(Take note of the dock on the right)

Kaleb used the baby carrier - he loves that thing! I can't really wear it, not comfortably anyway.

The judges sat on the right hand dock and the belly flop contestants jumped off the left hand dock.

There is a gentleman in a wheel chair, a total winner!, who decided that he wanted to participate too.
The heart and support of this association is amazing! - A couple people carried him down to the end of the dock, while another two jumped in the water to fetch him.

You see, he is not able to save himself... He is completely putting ALL his trust and faith in the hands of his friends/business associates... And his passion for life, to not let his handicap hold him back from what he wants to do! He is so amazing!
It was very moving!

He then did it again! And I was able to get it on video! :)

He won the belly flop contest :)

During the belly flop contest, the judges dock collapsed... twice! LOL It was pretty exciting!
A couple years ago, it had a small collapse like the one in the pic. The tall guy in the red tank top ended up in the water when the small collapse happened.

When that happened, many people started to leave the dock and the BIG collapse happened! No serious injury... it was just really amazing.

Beautiful sunset to top the night off!

I LOVE my Men! :)

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  1. Hi Sarah! I found your blog on the Picket Fence site! What beautiful pictures and a great blog you have! Your son is adorable! A voted for you on the Picket Fence and I'm your newest follower. Vote back and follow me back it you'd like! Leave a comment and let me know you stopped by and include your blog link! Thanks!
    WOW! the baby photos scrolling on the bottom are absolutely amazing! You are so talented! BTW: one of our daughters is named Sarah too :)
    Happy Blogging!
    Tracy at A Slice of Smith Life