Thursday, September 2, 2010

4 Months Old!

-17w4d/4 Months Old!-

Had a pretty big day today... spent a lot of time out of the house. Will post more about that at a later date :)

Took a couple pics of Tristan with my new phone today. They turned out really nice for a phone :)

This is what a 4 month old looks like to an HTC Droid Incredible-

Kaleb has been "training" Tristan to reach for his own bottle, take it and put it in his own mouth. He doesn't get the bottle in his mouth every time, but he does get really close. :)
It's really cute to watch...

Yes, that is his thumb in his mouth. But No, he is not sucking it. He likes to chew on his thumb and "talk"... it's really funny. But the drool that it causes, not so much. lol :P

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