Friday, September 17, 2010

WWU Duck


He placed his hand to hold his binky in until he was completely asleep.

He didn't stay asleep long.  Maybe 10 minutes.  Then he was crying and crying.  Kaleb wanted to give it 3 mintues then check on him.  Almost exactly 3 minutes, he stopped crying.
When we went in there to check on him, he had made it up to the top of his crib and found his WWU Duck that Aunt Hannah gave him.  I sniped a picture of him over head.
That occupied him for a while.  But it was obvious that he wasn't going to sleep, so to the living room we went.
Silly boy. :)

Tristan was hanging out with me while I put his laundry away... and he pulled himself up in the bouncer too (previous post about him sitting up in his swing)!  I am hesitant to use this chair because it is so easy to tip over.  But since he was literally at my feet, I was keeping VERY close tabs on him.  Then he started sitting up, I took some pictures but then it was time to get out of the chair before he did manage to tip it over!

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