Saturday, November 1, 2014

Go Fish & Texting Daddy

Tristan wanted to play some games after his nap today (yes, he napped!  It was a miracle! lol more on that in the next post)... we started with Candyland... then I taught him how to play Go Fish.  We hadn't played that yet...

Kaleb, my awesomely amazing geek of a husband, has been able to create a free working cell phone.  He took my old cell phone, which is rooted... got a Google Voice number and the Hangouts app...
Now, as long as it's on Wi-Fi, it's a working cell phone!
It's a phone that we are planning on letting Tristan have.  Right now, it's "Mommy & Daddy's special phone".  We are going to let him use it under supervision until Christmas, then hopefully, we can give it to him as a gift! :)
Anyway, we took a little break from our game... and Tristan text messaged Kaleb for the first time.  It was so cute!  He did pretty good, too.  I only helped him a little bit.

Here's how the conversation went:
Tristan: Hi daddy. :-)
Kaleb: Hi Tristan! How are you?
T: Good. Playing cards with mommy :-)
T: Go fish
K: Who is winning?
T: Me
K: Good job :-)
T: I took all her 8s :)
K: Do you like being able to send me messages?
T: Yes, daddy.
K: I'm on my way home. I will see you soon. :-)

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