Monday, November 3, 2014

Sign Language

We are three days in to learning Sign Language and Tristan is a pro.  All the signs I have given him, he remembers!!  It's crazy how fast he learns stuff!  I'm not adding a bunch more words right now.  I'll probably add one or two a day...

As of today, these are the signs we are learning:
God, Jesus, Mom, Dad, Boy, Girl, Baby

More, Eat, Milk, Water, Hotdog

Please, Thank You, Yes, No, Stop, I Love You (which he has known how to sign for a long time)

Red, Cup, 'Applause' (clapping hands)

I have an amazing website that I'm using to teach myself!  It has a great video of 100 basic signs.  I'm watching it over and over, and practicing with it... I'm also reviewing the alphabet and numbers, which I learned in elementary school... so it's been a while. lol

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