Wednesday, June 2, 2010


-4weeks 3days/1 month old-

My little Tristan had the nurses at the hospital in disbelief - because he was holding his head up HOURS after birth! :) My strong little man!

Kaleb has been doing tummy time with him since he was a couple days old.... he has tremendous leg strength, was scooting himself across the blanket at 1.5-2 weeks old... it's pretty funny to watch lol because he doesn't have the hand thing down yet.

He has rolled over a couple times now from tummy to back but I think it was pretty random... but I might be being too critical lol

We put him in his bumbo chair last night for the first time. I was so proud!! He was sitting like a little person (if that makes sense?) lol he is still pretty small though, so the chair swallowed him lol which is really cute :)

But I'm even more proud that he is only ONE MONTH - today!!!

We are going to have our hands full with him! I'm excited :)

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