Monday, June 21, 2010

He Has Been Found

This is off the topic of Tristan - but I had to post....

Today, he was finally found.

I have known since I was in elementary school that I have a half-brother.  Not going into any detail about such events- saying that he is to the day 5 months younger than my brother should be enough.

Growing up, I knew he was still in the Valley (I live in Skagit Valley, WA).  In school, anyone named Mathew I would ask what their middle name was... because I knew it was Charles.  But I never found him.. never crossed paths.

After I turned 18, I looked a couple times a year online for him.  The unfortunate thing was I no longer knew his last name.  He was adopted by his step-dad and now had his last name instead of his mom's.  My Mom couldn't remember what it was either.  I searched online for adoption records or marriage records... but was unsuccessful.

A couple years ago, my Mom told me that his grandfather passed away and when the memorial was being held.  I thought about going and sitting outside to see if I could at least see him... But chose not to.  Guess I didn't want to meet him like that...

I searched myspace when that came out... As well as, facebook...  Always nothing.

Then, Justin and Megan just happened to run across information online that provided us with his last name.  They checked with my Mom, and sure enough, that was it (she couldn't remember it, but knew it if she heard it).  Megan searched facebook - something I had already done... and found several Mathew H. She decided to message them all!  I am still unclear as to why she did this... but she did.

She got a facebook message back from one of the guys that yes, he was from WA (but not currently living in WA).  After a couple messages back and forth, he wanted her to call him.  And she did.

And what she found- she was talking to our half-brother! 
He talked to my brother and asked him to give his number to me and have me call him.  I plan on calling him tomorrow... He did send Megan a picture on the cell, which she passed to me.  He looks A LOT like my brother Justin!

I'm so happy he has finally been found!  Maybe we can stay in contact... and one day even meet.  He is in Maine... kind of opposite side of the US.. lol

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