Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Potty Training - Day 1

-1 year 10 months 5 days old-

Potty training. YIKES!

omgosh!! I'm exhausted!
Tristan cries when he pees his undies... then when I take him to the potty, he refuses to finish or go on the potty. Then he tells me all done... Put new undies on him, and he dribbles or goes again with in 5 minutes....

I have 30 pairs! But with all the "dribbling" we went through 15 this morning before his nap :S   I didn't want to take any chances... so I threw them in the wash during his nap.

He did go right to sleep though... so that's a plus. He usually plays in his crib for a little while before falling asleep.  And he left the quilt in place... so yay.  I put a quilt and blanket down, tucked under his mattress for some extra absorbancy. 

Pic from the camera- sleeping in his big boy undies! :)


Things could have gone better.... lol It has not clicked for Tristan yet. When he did pee on the potty, he said "uh oh" :S I praised him and assured him that it was okay and exactly what he needed to do.
I SOOOOOO hope tomorrow goes better. Today was so stressful!!

I was almost in tears several times today.   I was so frustrated... and I couldn't express my frustration (having to stay positive and all)... And when I'd put new undies on him, he'd immediately pee in them... so then I stopped putting him in undies and we stayed in the bathroom for a while. He would get off the potty, from not going, then pee right on the floor. ugh. It's been quite a long day...

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