Friday, March 9, 2012

Potty Training - Day 3

-1 year 10 months 1 week old-

I was up and ready early this morning... so I can catch Tristan right when he woke up, to take him to the potty.. he was wet :( BUT when I took him to the potty at 2am and he was dry!! He was awake for 30 minutes and did not pee. But he was still dry after 6 hours! So, that's awesome! I'm pretty sure if he would have peed at 2am, he would have still been dry this morning. But oh well. This is progress!

On a related note, he has figured out already that he can use going to the potty as a stall tactic/manipulation NOT to go to bed... He did it last night and then again for his nap today. And obviously, he didn't need to go if he was still dry at 2am.
So, I'm handling it this way if he says he needs to go- I take him one time. If he goes awesome, if he doesn't... I just tell him it's time for bed. I will not take him back and forth. He gets one "peepee pass" (LOL).

I think it is going well. The first day he went through 49 pairs of undies; day two- 19.. and so far today he's gone through 4!! So, I think we are getting closer!

I also started today, that if he goes peepee in the potty, I'm giving him a little cookie (which he RARELY ever gets; it's a low sugar healthy lemon cookie... but they are SOOOOO good!). I'm hoping that it is a better incentive to tell Mommy and go in the potty.

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