Saturday, March 10, 2012

Potty Training - Day 4

-1 year 10 months 1 week 1 day old-

I am so frustrated!!!
I am stuck in this house until Tristan learns to tell us when he has to pee...
He still refuses. He knows when he goes... Sometimes it even seems like he knows when he's about to go...

I feel like a horrible mom... But I'm tired of him. I don't want to even be around him...

Obviously what I'm doing isn't working... So, I'm not going to be allowed to leave anytime soon :(

Okay.. So he might not be ready...

But what if he is, its just taking a little bit longer. What if it takes till day 6 or 8 and I give up on day 4. I would hate to think I'm this close and throw in the towel and all the frustration and tears are for nothing!
Just so I can turn around and do it all again....
It just really, really sucks!!

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