Thursday, April 22, 2010

2 Days Late...

-40weeks 2days-

So, first thing out of his mouth, "any contractions?" And of course I laughed and said, "uh, no"

So, because of that he decided to not do an internal... because it wouldn't make a difference since I haven't had any contractions!

He said he wants to see me on Tuesday (41 weeks). The plan is that we will do an internal and an ultrasound there in the office, then depending on the results of that, he might ship me over to Labor & Delivery (L&D) for monitoring (NST). Then he said, depending on what's going on .... I might be admitted on Tuesday - but told him I'd rather labor at home - So that I can go workout and we can at least try sex or something!

He talked induction... but I don't want an induction, and I told him that. So, we are going to try natural induction... and if nothing by Friday, he's going to induce me (possibly on Friday if L&D says that's okay)...

So, MY PLAN is after we get home from our business conference.... Sunday night we have sex. Then Monday, I'm going to do some cardio at my gym. Then rest... then do some more cardio.... then go have lunch with Kaleb... then go do more cardio... then rest... then do more cardio lol probably just walking. Or I might get on the cross trainer.

So, no baby... no progress... no news LOL

Just thought I would update!

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