Sunday, April 11, 2010

Single Digits

-38weeks 5days-

So, I've been counting down since I found out I was pregnant, literally.... And
today, I have reached single digits!
I am feeling so much more anxious now that I do not have time to get things done! I've
been working on getting things done little by little lately and am feeling totally rushed now!

We have 9 days till our Expected Due Date (EDD), but are speaking 16 days!! We want our little one to be late! lol I'm happy to carry him 7 extra days.... (16 days will be my husband's 30th birthday)

But I know, that Tristan can come ANYTIME... and frankly, I'm so not ready for him!

I don't have my bags packed yet.... I don't have his clothes washed... I don't have his take home outfit picked out... His room is a mess with gift bags and things that need to be washed (which I'm planning on doing in the next 2 days)....


AND I'm psyching myself out about labor.... my plan is to go natural. I really do not want an epidural...
but reading everyone's birth stories on my April What To Expect board, almost have me scared about labor.... :/

I've been so confident until now about my ability to get threw contractions and labor... my mom did TWICE and she is a huge wuss!

Probably just cold feet.... unknown territory.... anxiety....

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