Friday, April 16, 2010

Road Trip

-39weeks 3days-

I laugh, just because I'm crazy... and will traveling next weekend, at 40w3d lol
We were told in our hospital classes that an hour drive away is usually as far as women would want to go.

Of course, labor can be a slow process... and most women labor at home for awhile before they go into the hospital or they sit in the hospital for hours with no progress!

See, I am comfortable driving 5 hours away... but I don't think many women would be okay with that. Yes, I might be a little nervous, but I'm in NO WAY worried. :)

And I will be having an internal the day before we are to leave, just to see what my body might be doing. But so far, I've had a whole lot of nothing going on! (and I'm "due" in 4 days)

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