Wednesday, April 28, 2010


-41weeks 1day-

Here's my update:

So, an update from today's doctor's visit...

My appointment was at 4:40

He did a sonogram, checked fluid.. it was great.
Did an internal... and I'm NOT DILATED ONE BIT... he had to reach up to my nose to find my cervix at all!!! Which, not so comfortable LOL
He did say he was going to try and strip my membranes... I'm not positive if he accomplished this or not lol

Then he sent me over to L&D for monitoring.

Tristan was VERY active when we got there... but then he went to sleep. :(
After 2 hours of monitoring, they talked to my doctor and he wanted an ultrasound done because of some low dips in Tristan's blood pressure.
So, the results of the ultrasound showed that he is doing great! Fluid is great.. he is VERY active... only points he didn't get, was from not doing any practice breathing during that time.

We left the hospital at 8:50... that's 4 hours spent at the doc/hospital!!!

My doc wants me to go back to L&D Friday at 11am for more monitoring and another ultrasound.

He has also scheduled me for an induction :( Monday morning at 7am.... But I am REALLY hoping that Tristan decides to come on his own before then... because I really don't want to be induced!

So, he is healthy and active... I'm healthy and doing great... my doc isn't worried about me at this point because I've taken great care of myself... So, we will see...

Guess I will be exercising non-stop the next couple days.... I don't feel like it.. but I REALLY don't want to be induced! lol

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