Thursday, April 8, 2010


-38weeks 2days-

I have been pacing myself.  I made a list of all the stuff that needs to be done before Tristan arrives... and I have been working on it.  I've also been playing on facebook... meeting Kaleb for lunch everyday... on at least one of the days this week I actually got a nap in! lol that's huge for me!

I DEEP cleaned my bathroom yesterday... scrubbed it from head to toe.. it's so pretty lol

Kaleb tells me, pretty much everyday now, "don't over due it" lol I also told him I was feeling guilty about not making it in to the gym at all this week... he told me, "good. I don't want you going... no need to push yourself too much. Let him come on his own..."
(We want him to be a week late LOL and I have 12 days till my due date)

But I feel like a HUGE SLACKER!
I am not to over due it... I can't do a task without multiple breaks (if I get it done at all)... yet I look around and there is so much I could be doing, and no motivation to do it!

So, yeah....

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