Monday, November 1, 2010

An Active Morning


Helping Mommy with the laundry... (Rajah stalking the laundry basket as I wheeled it along)
He loves riding in the laundry basket! :)

 Tristan chewing on a toilet paper roll... It's all about the texture...

"See Mommy, I don't even have to put it down to come after you..."

I have to hold him with one hand to keep him from getting my camera...  Then he decided he wanted to climb on me, so I'm taking pics above me head not knowing what's in focus or where I'm really aiming... lol

Next, the swing...

It's a little more challenging to use to stand up with... but he loves a challenge :)

And there he goes... and back to his butt.  

Next stop, the chair.
"Doesn't that look like fun..."

"Well, I couldn't quite stand up, so I'm just going to play under here..."

He picked his gym up and was putting in on his lap, then pushing it away, then pulling it back on... it was pretty funny.  I really should have got it on video instead of just pictures...

Time for Daddy to come home for lunch.  Today he was helping me pet Rajah nicely.  

Yet, Rajah still had the look of "help me" on his face LOL

But he was being a good sport and Tristan was really excited about it...

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