Thursday, November 4, 2010

First Girlfriend


Tristan playing with shadows... Soon the weather will not lend well to this...

He wants to stand really bad.  He does this when he is crawling sometimes.  He also does it when he crawls over to something and wants to pick it up, like he wants to stand up with it.  I don't think it will be too much longer and he will be walking.  I'm calling maybe 2 months.

I wanted to get a pic of his eye lashes.  He has insanely long eye lashes.  Ladies are jealous... it's okay, you can be too. ;)

Standing, always standing.

These pictures are actually the second time I gave him Pebbles.

The first time I gave him Pebbles, he immediately grabbed her face and brought it to his and gave her kisses!!  It was so fricken cute!!  And of course, my camera was in the living room.  So, I ran and got it and gave him Pebbles again.  He didn't do the same thing, but he did give her kisses again.
Takes after his Daddy, and likes the redheads? Maybe...
Pebbles = his first girlfriend LOL

The rocking chair was my Grandma Hazel's.  I'm unsure if it was hers when she was a baby.  I do know that my father sat in it as a baby because I have a pic of him in it.  I am going to get better pictures in front of a backdrop, this was impromptu while I was cleaning his room.  LOL

He was so tired.  Had to get a pic of him and Pebbles...
Then he dropped her! LOL He looked down at her, it was HILARIOUS!

I love this pic!  A little sad I didn't set up a backdrop...

"I'm done, Mommy..."

You will be happy to know, he made up with Pebbles. hehehe

After his nap, found him playing with the mobile.

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