Saturday, November 20, 2010

Learning To Stand


This morning, Tristan cut his eyelid open.  He was a trooper.  I wouldn't have even known if I hadn't seen the little bit of blood in the crease of his eyelid.  It didn't seem to bother him.
I tried to take care of it myself but he kept turning his head; so I had to enlist the help of Kaleb.  Doctor Daddy made it all better.  I think Tristan was more upset that we were holding him down than he was about cutting his eyelid open.  lol
It's looking a lot better tonight.  The cut is almost all healed already and the bruise has gone from a black and blue to a redish purple.  Already!  It's amazing how fast children heal! :)

Kaleb has been working with Tristan on learning how to stand unassisted.  The problem is that he gets so excited he knocks himself down! LOL  It is super cute to watch :)
He will be walking in no time :)

He can stand for a few seconds as of right now.... Love it! :)

He is SOOOOOOOOO stinkin cute!!!
Makes my heart melt. :)

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