Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kitty Show Down

-26w2d/6 months old!-

Tristan really wanted to play with the ball too, but Samson wouldn't let him... 

"Fine Samson, I'll just play with this rope."

Kaleb decided he wanted to play with the kitties.  He kept shining the laser pointer closer and closer to Tristan to get them near him.  He had it on his foot at one time.  But the kitties won't go for it on a person or each other (smart kitties).  

Rajah wanted the dot, but as soon as Tristan went for it, he ran away. LOL

Samson isn't afraid of Tristan, so he went over and was going to "get" it...

They are all looking at the red dot.  I should have moved over so that it was in the shot too.  Rajah's head is covering it up...

I was on the phone with Nikon customer service when all this was going on... so I wasn't able to take pictures of the process.  Glad I got some shots of the after math, though.  LOL  Silly, silly boy.

Watching Baby Einstein... 

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