Friday, November 5, 2010

Poker Chips


Tristan does this while he is crawling from time to time... I think he is really wanting to walk.  lol  Or he is just copying the kitty... :P

"No more, Mommy..."

"Okay, maybe just one..."
In the background you can see our game shelves.  We like to play card games and boards games.

 Hanging out with his Mommy :)

"Oh no, you got my nose!" :)

His little ham face :)

So, we haven't got our baby gate yet to put down the hallway.  When we do, we are moving the bookcases down that has all of our games on them.
Tristan found the poker chips.  lol  We hardly ever use them; which one could tell by how dirty they were... sitting collecting dust for years LOL
Needless to say, they are clean now.

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