Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Mom!!

Kaleb is home today.  Tristan was excited to wake him him...

Today is my Mom's birthday!! :)  Tristan made a card for her (forgot to take a pic)... and I put together a "grandkids" frame for her.  I've actually had it for a while... but hadn't gotten around to getting pics or deciding when to give it to her.
Tristan kept telling us, "if it's her birthday, we need to get her a gift."  :)  Such a sweetheart.
So, I went through all my pics to find some recent pics to fill the frame.  I didn't have any of Cailey and Sebastian by themselves.  I had to go snag some from my sister-in-law's facebook. lol
And I didn't have a recent pic of Tristan to fit the orientation I needed...
So, I just pulled out my camera! lol
I didn't like the background of the pic above... so I repositioned Tristan and got a less busy background.

She really loved her frame! :)  I think it looks really good.

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