Sunday, October 19, 2014

Pumpkin Patch!

The weather has been a little unpredictable lately... so we didn't know when we'd be able to get to the pumpkin patch for pictures - or if we were even going to be able to this year.  But when we left church and it was actually sunny, I got on the phone with my Mom and Justin to coordinate meeting!  It might be our only chance this year...  It was really bright and pretty windy, too.

Here are some of the pics from our impromptu trip to the pumpkin patch! :)

Tristan with Juno and Jazmine (my parents' dogs).



Not sure what was going on... they both look so serious...

Three generations!

Nana and Poppop with the grandkids!

Tristan (4), Sebastian (1) and Cailey (4).

He looks so grown up in this picture!!  eeek.

Tristan adores his cousins.  Him and Cailey are really good friends.  I pray that continues as they grow up.

Tristan takes really good care of Sebastian when he's around too.  I'm sure when Sebastian gets older, he and Tristan will be good friends too.  At least that's what I pray for...

My handsome men!  I love them.

Cailey was having a rough time with her mommy.  Megan wanted to get a pic of her and Sebastian together, but Cailey didn't want to...
Cailey got so upset and crying... I had her come over and we talked it out.  She said that she would take a pic with her little brother.  I told her that she should tell her mom that... and she said that she didn't want to because she was afraid her mom would get more mad at her. :(  Totally broke my heart. 
So, I told her that I would talk to her mom with her... and that gave her the confidence to do so. 
During this whole time, Kaleb had the camera and took some pics...
I'm glad I can be there for her (and Sebastian).  I want to be a positive, safe person they can come to... no matter what is going on.

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