Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Race Is On

Kaleb was home again today, so when I got up, I talked to Tristan and told him to go ahead and get started on his school work and I was going back to bed for a little bit. lol
He did work on his school work... but when I got up about 30-40 minutes later, he didn't have much finished.  He opted to take his shower first today, so I got him in there, and hung out in the living room until he was done.  He then told me the tale of what happened.
He put his bookmark in the next page, and somehow the page got turned, and he didn't notice and copied a bunch from the wrong page.  So, he had to erase it all and start over.
He kept asking me if he could wake up Daddy.  I told him not until his school work was finished...

Then a race was put in place.  I told him that if I got done with my shower, and he still wasn't finished with his school work, I got to wake up Daddy.  He said, "so we are going to race?"  Sure.  He clapped his hands and ran off to his desk. lol  When I got out of the shower, he came in and told me that he just got finished.  I looked it over, he only had one mistake to fix... And it was a lot of writing today!!  So proud of him!

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