Thursday, October 2, 2014

School and Packing

Tristan did really well on his copy work this morning.  I got to teach him about a question mark, too. :)

Yep... this is exactly how it goes around here....

Kaleb and I are going to a conference in Portland this weekend.  So, Tristan is going to Nana's.  Tristan even helped me pack his bag.  It was really cute :)  He loves going to their house.
I had made a packing list last night and left it on the table.  When I got up this morning, Tristan came running to the bathroom with it in hand... He read to me what he wrote, "Mommy and Tristan jump" and then started jumping.  It was pretty funny.

I made arrangements so Tristan can still go to Friday School tomorrow, even though we will be out of town.  I also packed his clock, addition and subtraction flashcards, and his sight word flashcards so my Mom can quiz him, and a couple books for him to read.  I know that he gets a lot of screen time (between his games and their tv - we rarely ever have ours on) while at their house... so I'm hoping that will offset it a little bit.

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