Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sight Words

I know I did this kind of backwards... but I made Tristan some sight word flashcards today.  He's been reading for a while now... but I think they will still be beneficial.
I found a couple different lists online and merged them to make my cards.  Without getting into all the words I added from the other lists and ones that I thought should be on the list... here is the base I used:

I ran threw list A with Tristan.  He did really well!!  Only got hung up on "like".  But once I reminded him that the 'e' was silent, he was on it!  So, I moved on to list B.  He did really well with that group too - only didn't know "by" right away.. he knew all the other words.  Again, it's because he's already been reading books!  Then Tristan told me to add them together!  So, I did :)
We went through all 20 words quite a few times.  He wanted to move on to the next list, so I made a deal with him.  I told him if he could get through all 20 words without one mistake, I would move on to list C.  It took him a few tries, but he was determined!  And once he went through with no errors, I had him do it again and still no errors!
I kept my word and we moved on to list C.  After running through those a few times, I added them all together.  He wanted to keep going... but I told him I wanted him to get really good at these 30 words first.  Then we will move on to the other words (he could see the stack of cards I had made).
I plan on packing the cards for him to take to my Mom's this weekend... so he can keep practicing.

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