Wednesday, September 3, 2014

School Started Today

Most of the schools around here, started today.  It's hard seeing all the pics online of everyone sending their kids to school... but homeschooling is going to be the best option for Tristan at this point.
We did do some school work today.  Tristan and I have been doing math for a while.  It's a great thing to do while he's at the table eating or while we are driving.  That has been the best opportunity for me to teach him things.

He is not doing math a typical 4 year old would be doing.  But that's pretty standard when it comes to Tristan.  He is NOT your typical 4 year old!


It's a little difficult to see the pencil in this picture, since he wrote all his own answers down.
First row is nothing for him... Other than the very last problem, those are problems we usually do verbally.
Second row - the first two problems are "carry the one" problems. We have only done one before these. I walked him through the first, he did the second on his own... And the big number problems he's been doing for a few weeks now...

And this is the first time we have done subtraction problems on paper!! We usually just do them verbally. AND Mommy-dummy put a "borrowing" problem in there on accident... so we covered that concept today. It's going to take a few more times to do that.
  Maybe that will be one of our goals for this school year :)

Here is a scan of the paper.  I'm so proud of him!!

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