Thursday, September 25, 2014

Numbers and Math

Today, we finished the rest of the numbers.


He wanted to write a sentence at the bottom, since he still had a line left.  He came up with it all on his own.  He asked me how to spell "loves" and "to" and wanted verification if it was correct.  I told him to just write it how he wanted and I'd look after.

I told him he did a really good job and got really close.  Then I wrote it correctly on my board.  I told him to erase the board and put everything away, we were going to move on to math... Then he said, "na uh, it's wrong, I need to fix it first."  :)  I'm so proud of him!

Next we went on to math.  He did his addition problems, pretty much on his own.  Even on the "carry the one" problems! :)



Then we moved on to subtraction.  I'm still walking him through the problems.  But he is doing fantastic!!  When we got to the "borrowing" problems, I walked him through them... for example, "what's 3 minus 7?"  "Mommy, I can't do that.  There's not enough." "Then what do you need to do." "Go next door and borrow one."  :)  He's well on his way!!

Here is a scan of his work. 

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