Friday, September 12, 2014

Puzzle Update 2

I was a little disappointed when I got up this morning.  I came out to find that Tristan hadn't worked on the puzzle at all.  He said he wanted to play his DS instead. 
I was unfortunate because we had a busy day ahead and he wasn't going to get a chance to work on it until after dinner.  And that held true.  He worked on it a little... but wasn't very interested tonight.  He said he was tired at 5:30, but didn't want to go to bed.
Kaleb said he was going to be late getting home... so I tried to keep him up to see him.
Finally, almost an hour past bedtime, Tristan says he just wants to go to bed and doesn't want to work on the puzzle or wait for Daddy.  Of course it was then that Kaleb messaged that he was on his way home.
I talked Tristan into waiting up for Kaleb... they got to hang out for a while.  Kaleb watched him do the puzzle, and was guiding him a little (it's killing him not to put it together lol)... but Tristan finally requested to go to bed.  Two hours past his bedtime... he's finally sleeping.  And I know, he will be up early... because it doesn't matter when he goes to bed, he still wakes up at the same time.  Which translates to a grumpy boy because he didn't get enough sleep. :/

Here's a pic of the progress he made tonight on the puzzle.  He's getting there!

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