Thursday, September 11, 2014


Tristan loves puzzles!  He has for many years now.  Yes, YEARS!  I know he's only four... but this boy LOVES them.  And he's really good at them!
Last night, Kaleb put together a puzzle (to relax) and I suggested that we leave a puzzle out for Tristan to do, since he finished his (the one that him and Daddy had been working on) before going to bed.
So, we picked a puzzle (300 pieces, btw).. flipped all the pieces over and separated out the edges, just to get him started.  You can kind of see that in the first picture.  The edge pieces on on the left, with all the center pieces crammed onto the right side.  We didn't put any of it together though - just left them on the different ends of the board.

He got the edge, plus some put together... then was "taking a break" from the puzzle and playing his DS.  

As you can see, he got quite a bit done.  I'm not sure how much time he actually spent on it this morning...  He's such a bright little man!  We are so proud of him... each and every day!

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