Saturday, September 27, 2014

Building Trust

Tristan has lied to me two days in a row now.  Lying is a BIG deal in our house.  Crappy thing for me, is that he wouldn't have even been in trouble if he told the truth! 
Yesterday, he lied about putting his toys away.  He gets to play with whatever toys he wants to in his room during quiet time, BUT he knows that he will need to pick them all up after quiet time.  If he chooses to continue playing after quiet time is over, he may do so, but will need to pick up all the toys before dinner. 
Usually, he's really good about this.  But that was not the case yesterday.  He told me he had put away all his toys.  And when I looked on the camera, it looked fine.  Little did I know, he had hid toys and shoved them under things and not actually put them away.  We had a conversation, not only about having to do work twice but about lying to Mommy... and a spanking...
Today, I asked him if he was finished with his lunch because he was in the living room playing around.  He told me he was, so I let him be.  When I told him it was time to head to his room for quiet time, he piped up with, "but Mommy, I'm not done eating lunch."  That was followed by a conversation about lying to Mommy... and a spanking.
Had he just said he wasn't finished picking up yet... or that he wasn't finished eating... he wouldn't have gotten into trouble...

As a consequence, he had to write down a couple things about lying... to talk to Daddy about after he got home.  From our conversation, he wrote down the following:

Daddy confirmed that was enough on the subject and to leave it until he got home, so they could talk about it.  We then headed to the Pumpkin Pitch...

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